You may have had this experience where every team at the company presents what they’ve done. Usually it’s a mix of slides, demos and someone talking. This works fine when there are less than six - seven teams, but once you surpass that, these things get tedious.

Spending hours at demos isn’t all that rewarding. Companies try to deal with this in many different ways. Some run multiple demos at the same time, resulting in teams needing to spread out to cover in case there are mention of things which are important to them. While others have just given up on the whole demoing thing and do emails, blog posts or just do random demos at irregular intervals.

Engaging and communicates volumes in a short period of time

There is an easy way to make demos quicker, better and with less time going into preparing. As anyone under the age of 25 will tell you, video is the way to communicate theses days. By empowering teams to be able to create short videos summarising what they’ve done you get to have the cake and eat it!

Short and to the point video content is a great way to get loads of information communicated in a short period of time. Meaning you’ll cut down time spent on demos if let’s say each team create a 30-50 second video. Which means 20 teams can demo in about fifteen minutes!

Below is a sample video created by me for one of our all hands sharing sessions (I must apologize for the choice in music, it must have been a rainy day or something 🤷🏼‍♂️)

Creating video requires no particular skills

What do you add to your video? Let’s give you some tips:

Created a new feature? Open up a screen recording tool (like QuickTime) and recording you using the feature.

Held a presentation? Screenshot the most important slides and make them part of the video.

These are just some samples to get you start, don’t worry you can do this 💪🏼

If you don’t have the time to make your own visuals, here are some tips on finding beautiful free visuals for your video.

If you want to go all out you can create screen recordings using something like OBS Studio, just like your kids do for their YouTube videos!

Once you have the assets for your video ready, you are ready to start putting the video together. With VIBBIO it’s a simple 1-2 minute operation and you’re done. If your company doesn’t have a VIBBIO subscription yet there are other simpler tools available which can enable you to create videos without editing experience.

If you are uncertain how to structure your video, we have some tips on How to crate content for marketing video.

Videos are available for anyone at any time after demo day

Using video for demos has the added benefit of being available for anyone at the time of their convenience. It will also remove the need for teams to spread out in order to cover things that might be important for them to know.

Creating an video archive of demo videos enables employees to access the content at their convenience and at any point in time.

Video once again makes demo day something to look forward to, everybody wins!