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A summer internship

My name is Sergio and I’m studying Computer Science at University. I’ve completed my third year. Vibbio offered me an internship during this summer, so I’ve been working with them for several weeks. Before starting: what will I do as an intern? I have no experience with web development, so touching the Vibbio codebase, frontend or backend, would have been a bad idea. The people at Vibbio had a better idea for me: build a mobile app for Android....

API for Mobile in a Web Startup Environment

I have a confession to make. I have a preference for mobile development over web frontend. Don’t get me wrong, I’m falling in love with React, but I’ve been doing iOS development for many years before joining Vibbio and it’s where I can do a lot very fast. I also love backend development, specially Node since I did some performance tests 5+ years ago. And Serverless… butterflies in my stomach....